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Handling ACCU-Form DASH-CAPS ®, replacement door panels, vinyl arm rests and other interior panels such as molded plastic covers for arm rests, consoles & doors is so easy and so profitable that it really should be part of your program.

Consider this-very few companies make molded plastic after-market parts to replace deteriorated OEM interiors for foreign and domestic cars and trucks.

Their product lines look about the same, but there are some important differences.

Here are some of the reasons why ACCU-Form has definite advantages over the competition:

  1. UV PROTECTION – Plastic’s best friend. The biggest enemy to longevity of plastic is ultra-violet radiation from the sun, so ACCU-Form’s DASH-CAPS ® are laminated using a layer of special ultra-violet resistant material over a special high temperature plastic. This provides longer life and a dull surface to minimize reflection from the sun into the driver’s eyes. ACCU-Form parts other than DASH-CAPS ® are custom molded from durable ABS plastic sheets.
  2. FLEXIBILITY – You've gotta bend it to install it. Some plastic automotive parts have to be maneuvered into position by bending them. A brittle material would crack so ACCU-Form has carefully selected a material which can bend almost like rubber without breaking.
  3. CUSTOMER WARRANTY – Nobody better. How many times have you bought something, needed a warranty return and the company is either uncooperative or has gone out of business? ACCU-Form has a warranty return rate of about 2 per thousand, a no hassle return policy, and a warranty against defects in workmanship or materials for 18 months from the date of shipment or (for DASH-CAPS ®) the life of the vehicle.
  4. FAST DELIVERY – Is essential to success. When a customer wants a replacement they usually want it quickly. This is especially true when a car or truck will only be in the shop a couple of days. To solve this problem ACCU-Form maintains warehouses from which product can reach almost any customer in the 48 states within 72 hours. In many areas ACCU-Form can deliver product faster than any of the competition.
  5. DROP SHIP PROGRAM – Save Your Money. Let ACCU-Form be your warehouse. Twenty one years ago it was easy to stock ACCU-Form products because there was only one model. Now there are over 1,300 applications and it has become difficult and expensive for a wholesale distributor to maintain an inventory of all the parts. The new and better way is to use a “Drop Ship Program” whereby the ACCU-Form warehouses stock the parts and ship direct to your customers. All you have to do is collect the money and call in the order.
  6. RELIABLE, COURTEOUS AND HONEST SERVICE – Don’t do business with a grouch. We don’t claim to be perfect but we try hard to be accurate in what we do and promise to do our best to provide prompt, reliable and courteous service so you get the parts you want when you need them.
  7. NEW MODELS AND PRODUCTS – It’s a changing world. We can help! ACCU-Form started in 1981 and has since developed better and better ways to make new molds and a much wider variety of finished parts. We now have several hundred molds and new ones are made as cars become older and the need for more ACCU-Form products becomes apparent.
  8. QUALITY WORKMANSHIP – We really try hard. All ACCU-Form molded plastic parts require some hand finishing but we have developed jigs which are designed to make clean and accurate cuts. Employees are carefully trained, and every part is inspected for workmanship & defects before being shipped.
  9. AVAILABLE COLORS – More possibilities with ACCU-Form.It’s difficult for a manufacturer like ACCU-Form to match colors for all of the vehicles in the whole world so 19 generic colors and 11 custom colors are used which come close enough to satisfy most customers. By comparison one of our competitors offers only 6 different colors.
  10. COMPETITIVE PRICING – No contest – quality counts. Pricing is a big factor in the after-market business and plastic is the biggest single cost. The material used by ACCU-Form is not the least expensive but has proven itself over the past 21 years in the making of a million DASH-CAPS ™ and thousands of related products. So we’re not in a hurry to change, but research is continuing on new and even better materials. ACCU-Form will not use any material that has not been thoroughly tested for longevity and safety.
  11. VOLUME SHIPMENTS – Save money. Let ACCU-Form pay 75% of your freight. Most ACCU-Form products are shipped via UPS Ground, but if your order is $5000.00 or more ACCU-Form will prepay 75% of the freight and you will still get the quantity discount.
  12. EXPANSION – Gotta have room to grow. ACCU-Form relocated from California to Southern Utah, built a new factory, and has 2 acres of industrial park land available to permit expanding over the next few years as new products are brought on line.
  13. AND PERHAPS BEST OF ALL – We don’t ask you to invest money in inventory or warehousing. After all, with 1,200 models and 30 colors you would need to buy 3,600 parts to have one of each. That doesn't make sense. Save your cash and maybe stock a few items, but what’s the point when we can deliver in two or three days and save you and your customers both time and money.

You can improve your bottom line with ACCU-Form products if you do it right. Let us show you how. All you need to do to get started with free literature and a display is call the factory at 1-800-344-3274. Why wait? Time flies!




Last updated September 13, 2017


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